Meet YOUR team!

Damien M. Melle

Co-Founder | Broker | CEO | Where the buck stops
(909) 947.9931

Jack of all trades. Does not own a tie. Loves talking economics, market trends and driving fast!

Mia Sophia Melle

Co-Founder | Broker | President #girlboss

Entrepreneur...Creative type...Globetrotter...starter of things....salty food lover...pug owner

Christina Cauwell

Bean Counter #2

Proud mommy but first coffee. Baker extraordinaire. Performs magic with a glue gun.

Dene "Deneezy" Hernandez

Road Warrior / Repair Guru / Real Estate Agent

I'm a girl and I know repairs....snap! Tendency to sing slightly off pitch. Drives under the influence of Red Bull and Hip Hop.

Elijah "call me Ash" Melle

Office Prankster | Social Media Master | Future CEO

Gamer. YouTube sensation. Have controller - will travel. Starbucks fan and fridge bandit.

Ellie "office baby" Stadler

Smile Inducer

I woke up like this. May have drooled on important paperwork but will not officially admit to it.

Janel Jones

Problem Slayer

Good Samaritan. Considers napping a sport. Has a weakness for pastries and COFFEE.

Kayla "let me explain" Botkin

Property Management Guru
909.947.9931 ext.

Obsessed with all things vintage. Was a musician in a former life. Fancy things make me smile :-)

Rey "see you in court" Lopez

I'm not an attorney but I play one on TV

Token male. Admits to loving Disco and owning platform patent leather shoes in a non-ironic way. Will bake you cupcakes if you get on his good side.

Todd "It's Fixd" Grossen

Maintenance Magician

Got a repair...Todd will be there! Professional break dancer...hammer slinger and beef jerky lover.