Mia Sophia Melle

Co-Founder | Broker | President #girlboss

Entrepreneur...Creative type...#3 on the Enneagram....Globetrotter...starter of things....salty food lover...pug owner...

Todd "It's Fixd" Grossen

Maintenance Magician | Have pole will fish | Survives on Slim Jims and Marlboro Reds

After almost a decade with Modern, Todd has seen it all!  He's our amazing, no repair is too big or too small or...

Damien Melle

Co-Founder | Broker | CEO | Where the buck stops

Jack of all trades. Does not own a tie. Paces when he talks on the phone. May have eaten the last donut.

Dene "Let's Close"  Crayton

Secret Agent | Escrow Chic | Auditor of All Things

I'm a girl and I know repairs....snap! Tendency to sing slightly off pitch. Drives under the influence of Red Bull and...