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Western Science Center

Discover the Past, Explore the Present, and Promote a Sustainable Future.

The tripartite mission of the Western Science Center is to:

advance knowledge of the region’s natural history and cultural heritage, with an emphasis on the importance of water to life in the context of environmental change over time;

convey to students and the general public an appreciation of science and mathematics as essential for understanding the natural world, human cultures, and how the two interact; and

play a leading role in meeting the challenge to build a sustainable future for people and their environments in California and beyond.


Ramona Bowl Amphitheatre

The amphitheater with its acoustical attributes and beautiful mountain views was discovered in 1922 by playwright Garnet Holme. He found the perfect location to produce his work and in 1923 people came from miles around to see the first production of RAMONA in what is now known as the Ramona Bowl Amphitheatre.


Hemet Museum

The Hemet Heritage Foundation exists as a local organization whose primary focus is the San Jacinto Valley, its rich history and its broad inventory of buildings, homes, scenic attractions, its Museum exhibits and other points of interest. The Hemet Heritage Foundation owns and operates the Santa Fe Depot property and the Hemet Museum.


Diamond Valley Lake

In 1998, California Department of Fish and Game Biologist Mike Giusti began cultivating a model, multi-tier fishery. Black bass, perhaps the favorite quarry of Southern California fishermen, were established with broodstock in a rearing pond, built in what is now the lake bottom. With that head start, the first spawn are now as large as three pounds.

Water began pouring into the reservoir in November 1999 and the lake was filled by early 2002. Diamond Valley Lake holds 800,000 acre-feet, or 260 billion gallons of water. By comparison, Lake Havasu, on the Colorado River, holds just 648,000 acre-feet or 201 billion gallons.

Diamond Valley Marina is a food, retail, and recreation concessionaire operated by Basecamp Hospitality to serve the public as authorized by the United States Department of the Interior and the National Park Service.