Looking to buy a home? Awesome! We can help you so it’s super easy and simple….

Check your CREDIT…

It’s uber important to know your credit score and if there are any issues on your report that could prevent you from getting approved for a loan. We’re happy to run your credit for you and go over all the details line by line.

Get that PAPERWORK in order….

Once your credit is situated, you need to get PRE-APPROVED by a lender and to do that…you need some basic documents ready such as your last 2 pay stubs, last 2 years tax returns, bank statements, and whatever else might be relevant.

We can help you go over your individual situation and let you know everything you’ll need to gather up and get you in touch with an awesome lender, too!

Decide on a PRICE POINT and a budget….

Once you get pre-approved by a lender, you can start SHOPPING #YAY! But, we need to focus on looking at things you can actually afford and within the budget you set for yourself and the loan amount you were approved for. We can help you decide on all that!

Start SHOPPING #thefunpart

Now is when we can hit the pavement and start looking at houses! When we find one that we think is fabulous and fits your budget we can place an offer 🙂

See…it’s not that intimidating! The home buying process can be fun and exciting as long as you have the right partners. At Modern, we specialize in helping 1st time homebuyers understand what they are doing and walking you through every step of the way.


Our brokers, Damien and Mia Melle have been in the Real Estate Industry for over 20 years and have completed literally thousands of transactions and are familiar with all facets of real estate and construction. This is in addition to having a whole team of people behind them coordinating all the details to provide the best service possible. We can handle any issue or problem that comes our way to get the deal closed.

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You can also email or call Damien or Mia directly at:

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